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#2c: List of common Windbg commands

Address formats  
<address1> <address2> show memory between address1 and 2
<address> L<nr> show nr*size starting at address
poi(<address>) show what address points at (MASM syntax)
Expression commands  
? Evaluate MASM expression (unless configured otherwise)
?? Evaluate c++ expression (unless configured otherwise)
bl list breakpoints
be, bd, bc enable, disable, clear
bc * delete all breakpoints
bp set at address
bu <address/symbol> deferred bp, activated on module load
bm <pattern> set at all symbols matching pattern
Dump memory address    
d dump  
  a, u, b, p <address> ascii, unicode, byte, pointer
l t <type> type formatted <address>
r <name> [=content] read or modify register
rdmsr <addr> get msr register at addr
k show stack
u unassemble
uf unassemble function